“Here at Mama’s Way we are more than just a name, we are really doing it as Mamma used to.
We work hard everyday to find the deepest selection of the Italian Excellence”


The word tradition comes from the Latin noun traditio (handing over), which derives from the verb tradere (hand over, deliver).Traditio can be used literally or figuratively, in the latter case often to mean “teaching” or “instruction.”

At Mama’s Way, Walter and Dario give great importance to this word, both being very close to their grandparents from a young age, learning from them all the knowledge and respect that you give to your elders.

Here at Mama’s Way, we look up to our grandparents, our families, our history and our traditions… we look forward to taking you back to the quality that only hard-working people that love their job can offer; we constantly chase that excellence in every single detail, ingredient, product and wine that make us proud of our selection.

Mama’s Way sells Italian food & wines from North, South or Central Italy, all of them with a history that makes our menu special. You could buy original ingredients to prepare your own meal at home or you would be welcome to try them at our local shop.


Since Walter was a child, he has developed an endless passion for the kitchen and food industry, following his grandmother’s passion. He expanded his knowledge day by day, and with Nonna on his side since the age of 14, his hard work rapidly saw him become a successful manager in Italy, Australia, U.K. and USA.

Dario used to spend his childhood weekends with his grandparents, tireless farmers, playing in the fields, learning all the secrets of nature and taking example of what hard work mixed with great determination can achieve.

Lunch, Office break, Take away, Tramezzini, Delivery, Wine testing, Aperitif, Parties, Catering, Personalised gift hampers, Corporate hampers/gift… and much more!